What Canadians are saying about CFFCL

Ermelinda Hogan

I recommend CFFC TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GET OFF THIER DEBTS. They are really good helping people.

Frances Waterman

They were so helpful and patient. They explained everything step by step. I love this place.

Terry Little

It was a relief to have my debts resolved. I would like to thank Canada Freedom Financial Centre and their team for guiding me through this tough phase of my life.

Charlie Martin

It’s a pleasure knowing CFFC, staff are really great, they helped me through out the process. Honest, professional service that turned my life around & helped get me on the right path. 100% recommended.

Alex Tremblay

I do recommend them wholeheartedly. The monthly fee is cheap (comparatively), all communication replies from them are swift and easily understood, and I even have a personal customer service rep for any further needs. I have no regrets choosing Canada Freedom Financial.

Pukar Ghimire

Gave me a hope when I was hopeless. They were like Pandora’s box to me . Lost my job and was worried about the huge expenses I had on my head. They helped me get over it and now I am relieved. My family stays intact. I don’t know how to pay you back for this favour, pray that and your team stay blessed forever.

Joshua Wilson

Canada Freedom Financial are the absolute best in what they do! When I first called and spoke to Erica, she made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. I was then transferred to Darshan who was beyond wonderful! Very professional and explained the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who might need to use their services. They are the best and made that first call, bearable for me.

Grayson Roy

I was ashamed to call, but when I did I spoke with a wonderful lady that made me feel at ease and explained the program in terms that I could understand, I feel great and am able to finally put some money in to a savings account. I can't thank them enough for helping me.

Nicholas Wilson

CFFC is a trust worthy company that could assist you to improve your financial situation. The associates are well knowledgeable about the process and very helpful to accommodate the needs of their clients. Thank you for the service well commendable. I would like to share my personal experience with CFFC. I was on the very cusp of being in financial ruins. The debt load I carried was suffocating me and my family. It was so overwhelming and adversely affecting my marriage. It was the worse feeling in the world. We are well educated people, but made very poor choices with our finances. Consulting with CFFC was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. I cannot thank our advisor enough. CFFC not only gave us the hope we thought would never be, it provided us with the wisdom to now make better financial choices and the knowledge that will guide us to complete financial freedom. Thank You.

Jackie Unger

I Did An online application with FFC and Got A call back the first week of January. i was a bit skeptical with the whole over the telephone Application They helped me, they also walked me thru every step and at the time I was struggling I even had to take a 3rd loan so I was able to come up with the deposit of 750.00 My Family and Friends told me don't send the money its probably a scam, at this point I Was unsure and didn't know what too do. I spoke with my Financial Leader He reassured me and I also spoke with his Boss And we laughed and had a good conversation. I'm very happy I went with my instinct and I trusted these Fine Gentlemen over the phone. I would absolutely recommend FFC to any individual struggling with Debt. And thank you for all your Help To the Financial Leaders That took the time to talk with me and text Information over the phone. Sincerely Jackie unger

Gary & Beverly Exner

This was a most interesting experience working through a very difficult time for Bev and I. The TEAM at Canadaffc were most helpful in guiding us through the different steps to get through the Consumer Proposal. From the first contact, through getting information to Mitesh, on to Shalim, Sagar and then to Christian in finalizing the Proposal to forward to the Trustee. Your efforts were most fair and very informative and explicit in what to expect and your assistance in finalizing all the reports for the Trustee. To have this type of assistance in working towards a fair Consumer Proposal is most rewarding. The Trustee, Grant Thornton that you engaged us with, was also a five star move, as they were very helpful in investigating and modifying financial information to deliver to BIA. Thankyou to your Team. Much appreciated. Regards, Gary and Bev
PS: Many problematic issues here in Fort McMurray, please trust, we will broadcast your company to the forefront.

Poorvi Shah

Good experience, overall!!