Debt help comes in many different shapes and sizes. If you are in debt, we’ve got good news. There are plenty of options available to you and you’ve come to the right place, because much of what you need to know about debt management in Canada is right here.

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polo veintimilla
polo veintimilla
CFFC has been attentive and helpful. My only complaint is that I really would have liked to speak to a consultant before submitting a deposit. The CFFC crew did do their best to inform me on all aspects of the program. however, once I talked to the consultant everything was a lot clearer. At the beginning it seemed as if I was going to save a lot more than what actually transpired. all in all, so far I am happy to be sorting out my finances.
Iryna Spica
Iryna Spica
I am so happy to deal with Cffc because they make my life easier and help me to resolve the debt situation and I hope my. Credit score will improve with Cffc help. I appreciate their financial tips too.
Simon Anwar
Simon Anwar
Very helpful staff and great experienced service.
Patson Neba
Patson Neba
Very simple and straightforward, they helped me out and now I’m in a better position.
I am very happy and satisfied with the customer service they provided and the follow up after my application was filed.

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