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Canada Freedom Financial Centre (CFFC) is a well-known name in the Debt Management Industry with an excellent track record. We never compromise on the quality of services provided to our clients and are known for our customer centric approach. The 5-star ratings on GOOGLE and TRUSTPILOT given to us by our existing clients speaks for our work and level of commitment towards getting you debt free.
Be advised that this is a FREE CONSULTATION, so please utilize this opportunity to better understand what can be done about your debt. We have helped thousands of Canadians from every province and territory eliminate their debt. We would welcome the opportunity to help you.


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Full Name
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Is your Interest Rate bothering you?
Are your payments high enough that don’t allow you to save?
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Please confirm what kind of unsecured debts do you have and how much do you owe? (Not Sure? Click here to get your credit report online)
Is your debt sole or joint?(If joint then provide the details: with whom and on what product? and the amount that is Joint or co-signed)
Any student loans under your name including the student line of credit? (If yes, how much, lender name and the last date of attending school or college)
In which province are you currently living?
Did you ever file for Bankruptcy- If yes please mention the outcome? Was it discharged(completed)/Pending/Left hallway through etc.?
Did you ever file for a Consumer Proposal: If yes please mention the outcome? Was it completed/ Pending/Left hallway through etc.?
Has any creditor started legal proceedings against you? (example wage garnishment, Account frozen, Lien on a property, etc.
What are your current total monthly creditor payments?
How often do you get paid? (weekly/ biweekly/semi-monthly/monthly)
How much do you take home in earnings each pay check after taxes? (including, Overtime, tips, and commission)
Do you receive other monthly income like child support, EI, Disability, side income second job? (If yes what the amount?)
What is your marital status? (If married What is your spousal income?)
How many dependents do you currently have in your household below the age of 18 years?
Do you have any non-discretionary monthly expenses (medical, child support, alimony, spousal support)?
Do you have any vehicles completely paid for? What is the black book value for each of the paid off vehicles?
Do you have any Recreational vehicles such as Campers, Trailers, Boats, RV, etc. completely paid for? (if yes then what is the value of these assets)
How much did you contribute towards your RRSP in the last 12 Months?
Do you have any investments in TFSA, RESP, Stocks or bonds? Please mention details of the same
What is your home value and mortgage balance? (For homeowners only. Please mention details of all properties under your name)
What percentage of the Title is yours? (Please mention the percentage. E.g., 100% /50% etc.)
Do you have any debts with the existing bank where your pay check is credited like a credit card, Lines –of-Credit, Overdraft, Personal Loan? (If yes then what product and the amount you owe

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